Assessment and Exams

There are no annual examinations in pre-school up to year 8. However, we do  have a continuous assessment system which guarantees a progressive monitoring of the students work up to the end of the year. an end-of-year forms part of our internal assessment scheme in years 9,10, 11 and 12. Students in year 11 sit for external exams from the University of Cambridge,i.e. the International general Certificate of secondary education (IGCSE). Year 12 and 13 students sit for the Cambridge AS/A2 Level examination. Our successful year 12 students gain admission into university in South Africa and many parts of the world.

Our internal exams in year 9 to 12 reflect the style and level of difficulty of the Cambridge exams.The school has an enviable record of success in the Cambridge IGCSE and HIGCSE exams.

What are the classe size?

This class maximum applies to rooms of standard size, thus some classes may be smaller than the maximum. Due to the demand for space, we believe that the maximum enrolment may be reached in many classes by December. In January, class sizes may decrease slightly due to departing students and increase again in February as new students arrive mid-year. When classes fill, waiting lists are established until spaces open.

How is MIS unique? What makes MIS special?

MIS is special due to its unique philosophy and objectives which describe the pioneering of a new paradigm in international education.

MIS by promoting fluency in two major world languages, creating a truly bilingual learning environment, and providing excellent role models through the Teachers and Key Stage head and management. The MIS international curriculum equips children not only to be well-rounded, but also global-minded, competitive, appreciative and caring global citizens. Students are nurtured in a multicultural environment with a fully rounded and balanced education which transforms them into global thinking individuals.

This holistic approach to education involves cooperation with parents, family, community and the world around us.

MIS Teachers

Our highly-qualified teachers are recruited from all over the world, which means that we have teachers of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. This enhances the internationality of our school. Though the majority of our teachers are foreign, we also have a small number of well trained and qualified Mozambican teachers.

About Us

The Maputo International School, founded in 1975, caters for the children of both expatriate and Mozambican families. We have the staff and facilities to offer a first class education from pre-school to pre-university.

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