Maputo International School (MIS) is a government school devoted to the education of children from the diplomatic, expatriate and Mozambican community residing in Maputo.  · We are very much a "community" school.   Our community includes the management, our teaching and support staff, pupils, parents and voluntary helpers.   As a community we reflect many values held in society and the home, and we believe that it is our responsibility to promote social and moral values, such as honesty, Liberty, justice, fairness and respect for others. We promote these values within a warm, caring, supportive environment in which all members of our community know they are valued.

To help foster social and moral values in our children we all follow our common code of conduct - "Our Behaviour Plan". It is expected that all adults will model the behaviour we expect from our children and will follow and adhere to the school behaviour policy. We operate a positive behaviour policy, based on the understanding that positive re enforcement of good behaviour is more effective than negative punishment, and that praise, reward and celebration raise pupils’ self-esteem and empower them to learn more successfully.   We also believe that rewarding good behaviour will develop an ethos of kindness and will promote good behaviour rather than merely deterring anti-social behaviour.   Staff, pupils and parents are involved in the creation of this policy, as everyone's support is needed for the programme to be effective.  Pupils, parents, teachers and support staff all take collective responsibility for the promotion of postive behaviour in our school.


 The aim of this policy is:

• To develop in children a sense of self-discipline and an acceptance of responsibility for their own actions

• To develop  a sense of self-worth and raise the self-esteem of our pupils

• To create conditions for a calm, orderly community in which effective learning can take place where there is mutual respect.

• To enable every child to learn safely, securely and happily without disturbance.

• To create an ethos of mutual respect between all members of our school Community

• To foster proper concern for the environment.

• To acknowledge that the maintaining of good behaviour is a shared responsibility.

  Behavior Policie in Portuguese dowload here .For full School Behaviour Policies  please dowload here

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The Maputo International School, founded in 1975, caters for the children of both expatriate and Mozambican families. We have the staff and facilities to offer a first class education from pre-school to pre-university.

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